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Welcome to the new official website of Alain Caron , I’m Francesco Zanetti and collaborator together with Alain in the creation of this site. Alain Caron is widely regarded as a superstar of the jazz-fusion music and is a master of the 6-strings bass.

Featuring a refined technique and a musical style unmistakable , Alain Caron is also a composer and superfine his records have won important awards and had the highest accolades from audiences and critics.

I, like many others of you are a super fan of the master Caron and I started to play bass just listening to his records : You can not imagine what satisfaction I feel to be able now to work closely with my hero !!

In this new virtual store you will can find all the products that revolve around the universe of Alain Caron, from his albums, to articles of merchandise and of course his books of transcriptions of the bass parts and more. Some sections are still under development and will soon be accessible in their entirety.

To start I propose you the selling of the thing that concerns me directly, that is, the books of transcripts: I am proud to present the fruit of a very big job that took more than two years of hard work the transcripts of  2013 Alain Caron album Multiple Faces; other will follow soon.  These books do not want to replace those already published in the past in which it was possible to have the original scores of the compositions of Alain, but want to be supplementary to these books: the idea is to allow bassists who like his style, to analyze thoroughly choices harmonic and melodic techniques of his playing, so for them to study and integrate them into your playing, then tapping into some of the most beautiful pattern of his particular musical phrasing.

Note that the transcripts are being manic quality and have been made going to isolate every single note, dead notes, rustling sound present in the original recordings of the bass parts of the disc and Alain himself has finally corrected and approved the drafts before making them public.

I hope you can really appreciate the effort and help me to share it with as many people as possible.

Feel free to leave comments , opinions or suggestions about books : will be extremely appreciated and will help to make the service more professional and more suited to the needs of all.

On the site there is also a blog area where you can find articles, tips, secrets and small music lessons directly from Alain Caron and some international guests from the world of electric bass: we want to create a space where everyone can find a small idea to take with you and then be able to share with others.

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Thank you for your attention and I wish you good music to all!

Francesco Zanetti
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